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Since 1966 we have received hundreds of comments and letters about the value of our Tae Kwon Do program to individuals, children, and families. I’ve included a few listed below:

“My son was failing third grade, two years later he’d be on the honor role except for math. We’ve noticed a dramatic change in all aspects of his life”

- Tony, Feasterville

“My son made his Black Belt about 5 years ago. He’s now a senior at University of Pennsylvania. A few nights ago he was jumped by 8 thugs, he got away with just a cut lip. Maybe, Tae Kwon Do saved his life. I know it helped get him a full scholarship to Penn. Thanks, Master Minger and Grandmaster Lee.”

- Diane, Philadelphia

“My son spent two years at a chain martial art school, he had a lot of fun there but he didn’t learn very much. Minger and Lee’s School is not as fancy, but he sure is learning respect and discipline there plus he wants to attend. I find the Instructors very informative and patient with all the students, also their curriculum is very clear all the way to Black Belt plus I can see that the students must perform at the tests or they fail. This gives the children the responsibility they need to become responsible young adults.”

- Jean, Levittown

“I grew up in the 60’s in Philly, all my friends were getting into trouble. Fortunately, I got involved with the Martial Arts at Minger and Lee’s. They gave me the guidance I needed to become a successful person. Now my children are getting close to their Black Belt. I couldn’t be prouder."


- Dr. Paul, New Hope

“Myself and my two sons made our Black Belts at Minger and Lee’s. Soon my 9 year old daughter will test for her junior black belt."

- John, Churchville

“I started lessons a year ago. Since that time I’m more flexible and feel more confident. Plus my Golf game has improved.

- Huntingdon Valley

“My son has not only learned a Martial Art skill but has developed emotionally & socially, not to mention his physical abilities have improved. The instructors at Minger & Lee’s are personal and every instructors has a special attribute that adds to the overall development of a child.”

- Debbie, Penndel

  This is just a small sample from thousands of students and parents that we have taught in the last four decades.